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Visit the electrical wiring sections below:

Many electrical improvements are not only desirable but necessary to insure a safe home or business. Higher Power Electric offers our customers professional services to meet those improvement needs.

Ceiling fan installs, hot tubs & spas, surge protection, safety inspections, and many other electrical installations are available by calling 614-891-7502 to consult with one of our design team members.


Smoke Detector

Smoke Detectors...

are required to be installed in each bedroom and on each level of a residence. Some inspectors may require the wiring to smoke detectors to be interconnected so ALL detectors will alarm to warn of dangerous smoke concentrations. Smoke detectors that are dual rated can also detect unsafe levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO) that may occur near gas furnaces, ovens, or water heaters.

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Ceiling Fans...

are one of the most popular residential home improvement projects today! Ceiling FanMany styles, colors, and options are available than ever before. Higher Power Electric can help you with determining proper size and installation requirements for your ceiling fan needs.

Did you know that operating a ceiling fan can lower your energy costs? Raise the temperature of your central cooling system when you operate a ceiling fan because moving air feels cooler to you.

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Spas & Hot Tubs...

Spas & Hot Tubs

are one of the most enjoyable home improvement projects that, not only provides a relaxing part of your day, but also therapeutic relief from muscle aches & discomfort. Selection of your spa is only part of the buying experience. A homeowner also needs their new spa to be connected to an electrical source. Higher Power Electric can provide code required installations that will give you that added "piece-of-mind" for a safe spa experience. Protect the most important investment you have... your family. Call Higher Power Electric for your spa electric needs TODAY!

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