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Home Standby

What is a Home Standby Generator?

Home Standby Generator
  1. A Home Standby Generator provides power during utility company outages or power losses.
  2. A Home Standby Generator is permanently fixed in place at the exterior of a residence.
  3. A Home Standby Generator is fueled by natural gas or liquid propane fuel.
  4. A Home Standby Generator automatically starts when power is lost.
  5. A Home Standby Generator switches back to utility use once power is restored.
  6. A Home Standby Generator will operate continuously depending on the type of fuel source.
  7. A Home Standby Generator provides piece-of-mind when power is needed the most.

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How much space does it require?

  1. A typical Home Standby Generator measures 4' wide, 2' tall, and 2' deep.

How loud is a generator when it operates?

  1. A typical Home Standby Generator operates as loud as a push lawnmower.

What is involved in installing a Home Standby Generator?

  1. First, our consultant will help you determine what size and type of generator is needed.
  2. We will help you determine the placement and fuel type that works best for a safe operation.
  3. The schedule will be determined to install the generator, which typically takes one day.
  4. Once installed, the generator is tested to insure it operates per manufacturer's guidelines.
  5. An owner's manual will be provided and a demonstration presented to the homeowner.
  6. Manufacturer offers a 2 year parts & 3 year labor warranty for the generator.
  7. A maintenance agreement is available to insure your generator operates when you need it most.

How much does it cost to install?

  1. A Home Standby Generator varies in cost depending on size of generator & installation needs.
  2. Our consultant will determine the specific size necessary to meet homeowners needs.
  3. We will determine the installation cost to allow for for the most optimum operation & efficiency.
  4. A proposal will be presented to include a complete package for your convenience.
  5. A permit will be included in our proposal if required by your local building department.
  6. Your natural gas or liquid propane provider may require additional updates to the fuel system.
  7. We provide factory trained installers to be sure your installation meets warranty requirements.

Typical Generator Installation

A before and after exterior photo of a recent generator installation:

Before Generator InstallationAfter Generator Installation

Transfer Switch for Standby Generator

The finished installation inside
home showing transfer switch to
the right of the main electric panel.

Generator Installation

Completing our final inspection and start-up of a Home Standby Generator System.

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