Landscape Lighting

Landscaping projects typically require careful planning and consideration to best enhance a home’s exterior beauty. A homeowner will also like to enhance their new landscape project with professionally designed lighting to add a special finishing touch. You will find that landscape lights will bring out the best of your landscape project and provide security as well.

There are five main types of landscape lights:

  • Spotlight – narrow beam fixture used to highlight specific areas such as masonry walls or garden features.
  • Backlight – a fixture is mounted behind an object to provide a defining enhancement to shape and size.
  • Down Light – light is mounted above an item to provide distinctive shadowing.
  • Up Light – light is installed at grade level, shining up, to create depth and dimension.
  • Ground Light – ground-mounted fixtures to illuminate pathways and garden features.

Besides the lighting method mentioned above, one must also consider the type of light. Today, we find there are solar-powered lights and the traditional electric powered landscape light options. Solar lighting is powered by the sun and is fairly easy to install. Solar lights include a solar panel for power and there is no need for electric wiring.

Traditional electric powered landscape lights are more reliable and they will typically provide more light output and versatility. Low voltage lights permit easier installation than a 120-volt type of light fixture. Many fixture styles are available to meet just about any design needs to best enhance your landscape project. Energy-efficient LED lighting is making great strides in many home light projects as well.

At Higher Power Electric, we understand the need to properly enhance your landscaping work and we are here to help you proudly show it off to the neighbors!

Low Voltage LED Up Lighting Fixture from Higher Power Electric

Low Voltage LED Up Light Fixture

Exterior Lighting Project from Higher Power Electric Columbus Ohio

Exterior Lighting Project

Low Voltage Wall Lighting Fixture from Higher Power Electric

Low Voltage Wall Fixture

Security Lighting

There are many reasons to illuminate the exterior of your home or business, but one particular reason is to create a safe and secure environment for you and those important to you. Security lights can provide that peace-of-mind, particularly in areas not adequately illuminated from other light sources.

Today’s security light fixtures can meet just about any lighting needs to ensure effective illumination of those dark areas and provide a decorative enhancement to your home or office. Similar to landscape lights, there are several ways to illuminate those darker areas for added security and comfort. Look at several examples below to see just a few of the security light types and styles available:

LED Wall Fixture

LED Wall Fixture

LED Wall Pack

LED Motion Sensor Fixture

LED Motion Sensor Fixture

Post Mounted Security Lighting Fixture from Higher Power Electric

Post Mounted Fixture

Bollard Security Lighting Fixture from Higher Power Electric

Bollard Light Fixture

Accent & General Lighting

Lights are such a great way to enhance a home or business space and also create a comfortable environment for all to enjoy! Much like opening a window on a beautiful spring day to allow fresh air inside, lights can brighten and refresh a work or living environment in a very dramatic way.

General Lighting helps to illuminate your living or workspace to help you better perform the normal day to day activities for each person’s lifestyle.

Recessed lights allow additional light in a space without the feeling of cluttering up the ceiling. Recessed lights have a “low profile” that works great in kitchens, hallways, family rooms, and many other room locations. Recessed lights can operate at full brightness, great for entertaining guests, or dimmed, to create a romantic evening setting.

Sconce lights are another form of general and accent lighting that not only provides added illumination but also allows a decorative enhancement to your living and workspace. Sconce lights offer varieties of shape, color, and size to best meet almost any light needs one might have.

Accent Lighting is another type of fixture to create much-needed light for a particular space. Although accent lights may be categorized as general lighting, it differs by the way it brings out the best, or accents, wall-mounted features, sculptures, or work areas in your home. Under-cabinet lights, sconce lights, recessed lights can all “accent” a space or items that you wish to bring to someone’s attention… beautifully and effectively. Here are a few examples of different styles of lights:

General Lighting Higher Power Electric Columbus OH
General Lighting Higher Power Electric
Accent Lighting Columbus OH Higher Power Electric

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